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Friends since 1998...

In summer 1998, our first guest came to our terrace and a first smiley cappuccino was served... And a first tip was given. :)

The bar was much smaller at the time, but the personnel was as friendly as today, so our guests, local as well as foreign, have even then begun to feel like home. Many moms with their kids made our terrace livelier, many of our guests enjoyed wine and tapa tasting, young people from Cavtat and all of Konavle region, as well as from the yachts in the port, enjoyed our beer and cocktails, testing their own limits!

The whole personnel of Ankora improved the quality service by smiling, dancing, singing and being friendly to the guests. The smiles from our guests confirmed we are on the right path. That is the reason why we would like to thank all our guests who have been a part of this big "family" and we would like to welcome all of you who are here for the first time!

Feel the rhythms of Ankora and become a part of the tradition! Cheers!!!

With a smile, yours truly, Ankora


Start your morning with one of our immunity-boosting smoothies!



Tapas are a way of living and socializing in Spain and consists of going to your favorite cafe and enjoying a nice glass of wine with a nice bite of food. The personnel of Ankora offers you a fine selection of healthy, Mediterranean tapas, salads and sandwiches as well as the widest selection of Croatian top quality wines and hopes that you will discover and enjoy this way of living and dining.


Two years ago we embarked on a journey to create top-quality gelato and sorbet flavors. We make our ice cream with premium ingredients and our sorbets are created using fruit from local fruit vendors.



Refresh hot summer nights with wide selection our some of worlds most famous cocktails or try one of our signature creations.


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